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About the Syllabus

The SCB syllabus was written by Kari Taylor, Sonja Staines, and Liza Pollok from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia (hence the derived name, Sonshine) during the early 90's.

The SCB derives its technique from the background of its three authors: Kari Taylor (RAD), Sonja Staines (Cecchetti), and Liza Pollok (RAD & ISTD) with a vision to help raise the standard of Christian classical ballet worldwide.

The syllabus provides:

  • A tool for teachers to use for both novice and professional dancers, including higher education options which include an Associate Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry (Dance) and a Teacher Diploma and Certification program
  • The opportunity to unite Christian ballet teachers through common teaching methods and seminars
  • A tool for both teachers and students; the yearly examination system promotes accountability in each student, providing them with detailed goals that helps them develop and build their skills
  • A tool for studio owners; grade-level specified work provides a firm and structured curriculum so that parents and teachers know what is being taught
  • A tool for teaching new teachers and the continuing education of established teachers during the yearly examinations

The Syllabus in the United States

Over a decade ago, Sonja Staines and her daughter, Liza Pollok, relocated from Australia to the US, bringing with them the Sonshine Christian Ballet Syllabus. Sonja can be reached at Excelsior School of Dance: 281-292-7134

Today, Liza and her mother, Sonja, continue their work, making the syllabus available to teachers across the United States.

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